Crecco Partners is a full-service sports agency that is disrupting professional basketball representation by empowering athletes to understand their true value. 


We believe that our players are more than just athletes. They are artists, entrepreneurs and continually evolving brands. We exist to ensure that they realize their full potential both on and off the court.

We are RELENTLESS in pushing the boundaries of what we believe our athletes can accomplish. Join us.

Contract Negotiation

We maximize value by creating the most competitive processes for our clients

Player Growth Teams

We aim to surround our players with individuals invested in their long term

NBA Draft


We will have the most well prepared and informed players leading up to the Draft


We create compelling brands and investment stories for our clients off the court

Pro Day


We provide our players with exposure to NBA and European scouts

Social Media Branding

We create authentic branding campaigns for our clients on social media


Kirk Crecco is a former NCAA Division 1 athlete, professional basketball player and current CEO of Crecco Partners. While playing professionally throughout Europe, Kirk negotiated each of his contracts himself and enjoyed a successful career competing against some of the top competition on the continent.

Since 2015, Kirk has negotiated over 40+ contracts, published a book on his professional playing experience, and acquired valuable investing experience on Wall Street. Kirk earned a BA from Dartmouth College and an MSc from Durham University Business School (UK).


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